Context Based Problem
Feasibility Study (Scheduled during the course of study):
A feasibility study is a multi-dimensional set of actions which aims to analyse and evaluate a project in order to determine if its construction is feasible and viable.
Muscat region that located in Sultanate of Oman is growing rapidly in population and the demand of various facilities are required.
The facilities are but not limited to:
1.Commercial Buildings
2.Residential apartments
3.A mixture of both Commercial and Residential complexes
4.Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Transportation system etc.…)
5.Sport Complexes
6.School and Universities
7.Medical Facilities
You expected to write a feasibility study report for a real-world construction project based on any one of the above.
As a Consultant Construction Manager, you have been appointed by the government of Oman for Cost and Construction Services at the strategic briefing stage for an advice on the feasibility study of a series of projects that the government intends to develop to cater for the increasing in population demand for Muscat region.
Write a feasibility study report to the Head of the Government of Oman, describing the viability of the project to be considered both technically and financially.
The assignment is an individual coursework; You should submit the report with sufficient background of the project you choosing.

Report Structure:
The concept of Feasibility Study
•Scope of the project selected
•The aim of the report
•The objectives of the report.
•The details of the developer
•Selected site
1.Need of the project
2.Proposed infrastructure (Project specific details)
3.Technical Feasibility
4.Financial Analysis:
a.Construction Cost Analysis
b.Cost Benefit Analysis

*** Words count = 1000 words.
*** In-Text Citations and References using CCE Harvard style.
*** Make appendices if available.


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