Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on should a charge of plagiarism ruin your life. When people go to university for a bachelor’s in Literature, they get a broad taste of writing from various eras and areas. Then for a master’s, the scope is narrowed to something like Medieval French literature, modern American novels, or Japanese literature. A dissertation for one’s Ph. D concentrates typically on one specific area of research in the person’s field of study. What exactly is the point of all this? No matter how much people study, there is no way to actually know everything. Chances are that there will be familiar echoes of another artist in any work, no matter how self-consciously the author might be attempting to eliminate those echoes. What can be done to find one’s own voice than in the midst of all of these echoes?
One option, the only option it seems, is to embrace one’s influence and recognize it. As Jonathan Lethem says, “most artists are converted to art by art itself. Finding one’s voice isn’t just an emptying and purifying oneself of the words of others but an adopting and embracing of filiations, communities, and discourses.” The process of emptying oneself of influence in an attempt to create something completely new is futile. Anyways, what better way to create something compelling than to use a recognized and respected piece of art as a template and inspiration? Looking throughout most of the history of art and literature, appropriation has played was is seemingly a central role in the creation process.
A large part of Shakespeare scholarship has been in the identification of the source stories.

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