Please create a PowerPoint (or other slide show program that can be opened by our system!) presentation that explains 5 of the concepts that you found to be most important, more interesting than the others or more useful for every-day life. For instance, Time Value of Money is critical to ANY loan process, even though you may not have recognized it before!You should have a “cover” slide (with your name, course and section, the date, your topic choice) an introductory slide that gives your audience an idea about what they are going to learn, and each concept should take AT LEAST 2 slides to explain. This means a slideshow minimum of 12 slides (more is fine, 20 is maximum).Each concept should be addressed as if your audience is NEW to the topic and you are explaining it to them in plain English. The text – as you know! – can be heavy, so your goal is to remove the concept from the text and present it in a way that is more accessible.


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