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Section 3: Quality Measurement and Assessment
This week you continue working on Section 3 of your Course Project, which was introduced in Week 6. Through your work in previous weeks of this course, you have likely gained critical insights into the organization that serves as the focus for your quality improvement plan. Integrating this knowledge of the organization into your plan for addressing a quality improvement issue is essential for successfully facilitating change.
As you deepen your analysis of your selected organization, consider how the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources relates to strategic priorities as well as to the uniquely collaborative and competitive dynamic that binds organizations in health care.
To prepare:

Think about the quality improvement issue that you are addressing and the associated plan that you are developing. Consider the following:

What is the overall purpose, or aim, of doing this work?
What would you hope to achieve for the organization by undertaking this project? What are the objectives of this initiative?
What value would this work add to the organization?
How would this work improve practice and create outcomes with impact?

Review Chapter 7 of the Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, and Shabot course text. Consider how addressing this quality improvement issue would align with the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives. How does it relate to regulatory issues, and other matters that are significant for the organization? If you notice a misalignment, use this as an opportunity to refine your focus.
With this in mind, continue to hone your development of this Assignment, integrating the concepts addressed here into Section 3.

To complete:
Write a 3- to 5-page paper that includes:

An introduction to your quality improvement plan, including the overarching aim of this initiative and an explanation of how it aligns with the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives of the organization, as well as regulatory issues and other matters that are significant for the organization
An overview of the current situation with regard to this quality improvement issue in the organization
A description of measures and indicators
A presentation on data related to this issue, including:

Actual historical and current data and/or a description of the methods that you would use to collect and analyze the data
Methods for collecting and analyzing data in the future, including when you would do this

A description of realistic, evidence-based targets

Be sure to cite evidence from the literature to justify your selection of the measures and indicators, as well as the performance targets. This section of the Course Project serves as the Portfolio Assignment for this course.
This is the basis of the project…
Quality Improvement Issue
“Preventable medical errors have been an ongoing issue in the health care delivery system in the US and have recently received more attention, particularly regarding patient safety.A significant area of patient safety is the development of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (Latimer, Chaboyer, & Gillespie, 2016).The report released in November 1991, To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System has brought increased attention and awareness to patient safety and medical errors (Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, & Shabot, 2013). The purpose of quality improvement efforts in healthcare focus on the care patients receive and the prevention of untoward outcomes. As nurses, we serve as a patient advocate to ensure safe and quality care to all patients. Also, nurses share the responsibility for driving the efforts in improving patient care in all settings.
As a member of the Quality Improvement committee, patient safety issues are brought to the forefront and resolution to the problems need to be determined. Current issues have taken focused at my facility with patients, unfortunately, developing hospital and unit acquired pressure ulcers have been a challenge.The prevention of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers is one of the most significant healthcare challenges concerning reducing harm to the patient (Blenman & Marks-Maran, 2017). The development of pressure injuries affects thousands of patients across the country and the “burden placed on those living with them, those engaged in efforts to prevent and treat them, and on health care resources, is immense” (Chapman, 2017).
The literature shows that although various reports and policy documents have been published, the prevention of pressure ulcers continues to be an ongoing challenge and can cost healthcare facilities billions of dollars and sometimes extends patient care and stay in the hospitals (Blenman & Marks-Maran, 2017). The purpose of this course project is to bring awareness to this ongoing practice issue and develop a quality improvement plan based on current evidenced-based practice methods to decrease the occurrence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, MDR injuries and DTI’s.”


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