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Assignment Guidelines NR224 Fundamentals – SkillsRUA: Patient Safety GoalsRevised 07/22/181 Required Uniform Assignment: National Patient Safety GoalsPURPOSEThis exercise is designed to increase the students’ awareness of the National Patient Safety Goals developedby The Joint Commission. Specifically, this assignment will introduce the Speak Up Initiatives, an award-winning patient safety program designed to help patients promote their own safety by proactively takingcharge of their healthcare.COURSE OUTCOMESThis assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.CO #2: Apply the concepts of health promotion and illness prevention in the laboratory setting. (PO #2)CO #8: Explain the rationale for selected nursing interventions based upon current nursing literature. (PO#8)DUE DATEWeek 6 POINTS50 pointsREQUIREMENTS1. Select a Speak Up brochure developed by The Joint Commission. Follow this link to the properwebsite: Write a short paper reviewing the brochure. Use the Grading Criteria (below) to structure your critiqueand include current nursing or healthcare research to support your critique.a. The length of the paper is to be no greater than three pages, double spaced, excluding titlepage and reference page. Extra pages will not be read and will not count toward your grade.3. This assignment will be graded on quality of information presented, use of citations, and use ofStandard English grammar, sentence structure, and organization based on the required components.4. Create the review using a Microsoft Word version that creates documents with file names ending in.docx. This is the required format for all Chamberlain documents.5. Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the Q & A Forum in Canvas or directly withyour faculty member.6. APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of thereview as Level 1 headers (upper- and lowercase, bold, centered).a. Introductionb. Summary of Brochurec. Evaluation of Brochured. ConclusionAssignment Guidelines NR224 Fundamentals – SkillsRUA: Patient Safety GoalsRevised 07/22/182PREPARING THE PAPERThe following are the best practices in preparing this paper.Read the brochure carefully and take notes. Highlighting important points has been helpful to manystudents.1) Title page: Include title of your paper, your name, Chamberlain College of Nursing, NR224Fundamentals—Skills, faculty name, and the date. Center all items between the left and rightmargins, beginning approximately 3 inches from the top margin.a. NOTE: This style of cover page is required by the college and is a variance of APA formatting.2) Use the CCN library or online library to find current nursing research that supports your findings.3) The brochure you select must be properly cited in the body of your paper and on the reference list.4) The brochure selected must be submitted with your work.DIRECTIONS AND GRADING CRITERIACategory Points % DescriptionIntroduction 3 6 This first part of your paper should be one paragraph that includesthe brochure title, date published, and your understanding of whothe information would benefit.Summary of thebrochure’srecommendations10 20 Summary of brochure must include1. main topics discussed; and2. how communication between patients and healthcare providersis encouraged.Evaluation of thebrochure20 40 Critique the brochure. Include a full one- to two-page critique thatanswers all of the following questions.1. What was done well, and what could have been improved in thebrochure?2. Why did this topic interest you?3. Was the information provided in the brochure beneficial? Couldyou incorporate it in your patient education?4. Was the information presented clearly?5. Did current nursing or healthcare related research support theinformation presented in the brochure?6. What population or individuals does this article apply to (i.e.,who will benefit the most from this brochure)? Who else can usethis information?7. Will this information increase patient safety? Defend youranswer.Conclusion 5 10 An effective conclusion identifies the main ideas and major supportpoints from the body of your report. Minor details are left out.Summarize the benefits of following the brochure’s advice to aperson at risk.Clarity of writing 10 20 Use Standard English grammar and sentence structure. No spellingor typographical errors (typos) are present. The paper is organizedaround required components, using appropriate headers.Assignment Guidelines NR224 Fundamentals – SkillsRUA: Patient Safety GoalsRevised 07/22/183APA format 2 4 All information taken from another source, even if summarized, mustbe cited in the paper and listed in the references using (APA sixthed.) format.1. Document setup2. Title and reference pages.3. Citations in the text and reference page.Total 50 100%Assignment Guidelines NR224: Fundamentals-SkillsRUA: Patient Safety Goals Revised 07/22/18 4GRADING RUBRICAssignment Criteria Outstanding or Highest Level ofPerformanceA (92–100%)Very Good or High Level ofPerformanceB (84–91%)Competent or SatisfactoryLevel of Performance C(76–83%)Poor, Failing or UnsatisfactoryLevel of Performance F (0–75%)Introduction3 pointsIntroduction provides a full and complete identification of the brochure, including the brochure title, date published, andunderstanding of who the information would benefit. 3 pointsPartial identification of requiredelements OR introduction contains norequired elements OR no introduction 0–2 pointsSummary of thearticle 10 points Summary is complete and thoroughlycovers all required elements. 10 points Summary is complete and is missingno more than one required element. 9 points Summary is complete and is missingno more than two required elements. 8 points Summary is incomplete or notincluded and is missing more thanone required element.0–7 pointsEvaluation of theArticle20 points Critique of article demonstratescritical thinking and answers allrequired questions and supportedfindings with current nursing research.19–20 points Critique demonstrates basicunderstanding of article, answers allbut one of the required questions,and/or does not support findings withcurrent research.17–18 points Critique demonstrates basicunderstanding of article, answers allbut two or three of the requiredquestions, and/or does not supportfindings with current research.16 pointsThe critique of the article is poor,lacks critical or original thinking, andfails to answer two or more questions 0–15 pointsConclusion5 points Original explanation is well evidencedand developed. 5 points Original explanation is present andwell evidenced, yet not welldeveloped.4.5 points Original explanation is present,though not well evidenced ordeveloped.4 points Conclusion is omitted, OR nooriginal explanation is present inconclusion.0–3 pointsClarity of writing10 points Paper has excellent use of StandardEnglish, showing original thought,has no spelling or grammar errors,and is well organized. 10 points Paper has some evidence of ownexpression and competently useslanguage, no more than two spellingor grammar errors, and is wellorganized.9 points Paper has some evidence of ownexpression and competently useslanguage, no more than four spellingor grammar errors, and is wellorganized.8 points Language needs development. Thereare five or more spelling and/orgrammar errors, and paper is poorlyorganized. 0–7 pointsAssignment GuidelinesRUA: Patient Safety Goals Revised 07/22/18 5 APA, grammar, spelling and/orpunctuation contain multiple errors,and/or many citations are missing.0 points Paper has three to five errors in APAformat, grammar, spelling, and syntaxand/or one–two citations are missing.1 point2 pointsPaper correctly follows APA format with no more than two types of errors. APA format2 points Total Points Possible = 50 points Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. We assure you an A+ quality paper that is free from plagiarism. Order now for an Amazing Discount!Use Discount Code “Newclient” for a 15% Discount!NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”


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