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Answer the following questions in your recorded interview OR A WRITTEN STATEMENT :IF YOU CHOOSE TO SUBMIT THE ASNWERS IN A WRITTEN FORMAT SHOULD BE ON AN APA TWO SPACE FORMAT, WITH COVER PAGE AND REFERENCE PAGE PERTINENT TO THE TWO QUESTIONS ADDED FOR THOSE OF YOU SUBMITTING THE WRITTEN VERSION. QUESTIONS FOR THOSE SUBMITTING THE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT VERSION ARE A AND B:A. What is proper etiquette for a job interview?B.  What’s “good behavior” in a behavioral job interview?As a Nurse practitioner:1.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Please describe plans for education and   career advancement in the near future 2.   What are your career aspirations? 3.   How do you handle stress in the healthcare setting? 4.   What clinical skills do you possess that will be most beneficial to this   clinical practice? 5.   What are your strengths and weaknesses? 6.   Describe how you handled a difficult situation that has involved a patient,   physician or family member? 7.   How do you get along with your staff at your current position? 8.   Why should we hire you? 9.   What salary are you seeking?Please answer each questions by separated and use at least 3 references and the APA format. Remember there are questions A and B and 9 questions after that
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