professional communication written material and ppt

Final Presentation: Project team kickoff meeting
For your final presentation, you will play the role of a Project Management Team at a well-known company about to start a major project. You will be responsible for the following items:

Choose a well-known company and a real or imaginary business project. The project could be the introduction of a new product or service, the creation of a website, a software launch, or any other type of business initiative that would require a project management team to form and oversee the project.
Prepare a one-page description of the company and a one-page description of the project. In the project description, please list all the key stakeholders who will attend the project kickoff meeting. The list should give their names (imaginary is fine) and job titles, and a brief description of their level of knowledge about the subject (novice, general knowledge, expert knowledge, thorough technical knowledge, etc.). Discuss how their level of knowledge will influence how you will communicate with them.
Next, write an email to the project team members inviting them to the project kickoff meeting. Include the standard To, From, Subject categories, and make sure to write a SUBJECT heading that clearly describes the nature of the email.
Develop a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation to start the project kickoff meeting.

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