Title and topic question:TO EVALUATE THE VALUE OF TRAINING AND ITS EFFECTIVENESS WITHIN THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT COMPARED TO THE PERCEPTION OF VALUE CONTRIBUTEDIntroduction:Research aims: The aim of the research is to provide an insight and measure the value a HR department can bring forth on training methods, and how the HR department make use and manage the available resources toward training methods import. And finally to evaluate the effectiveness of external training methods used within HRM organisations.Research Objectives:1. To examine the reliability of training evaluation measures2. Can trainee reactions be related to other procedures of training effectiveness3. To determine all trainee reactions be equal in meaning and import4. To asses if trainee learning can be related to successive on the job behaviour5. To analyses the trainees learning methods equal in meaning and import6. And finally, to measure the effectiveness of training which is most recommendedResearch Methods:– Quantitative– Qualitative- grounded theory, phenomenology– Data collection method via questionnaires– Possible accessibility issues- accessibility to the HR department records or confidential information– The data will be analysed through a statistical hypothesis null test (t-test) and will be input into an excel spreadsheet to interpret the collected data for analysis (qualitative) among other data collection methods.– Research limitations


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