Complete this assignment as if you were a fire chief, and according to APA format.

Memorandum to City Council:

 Chief officers are often viewed as the subject-matter expert in anything related to fire department functions, including fire code issues. As a chief officer, it is vitally important to facilitate strong, concise, and accurate information to the governing body, particularly when it comes to the matter of fire code issues. Draft a memorandum to the city council of your community.

 Be sure to provide an overview of the problem of large loss-of-life fires in the United States in areas where people gather. Include a review of findings of the facility you have used in your research in the previous two units. Your memo should include the following items: concerns about what could occur based on information from previous incidents in the United States; concerns about evacuation capacities and other items discovered during your inspection performed in the Unit II assignment; a summary of how cue recognition, decision-making, and individual differences affect exit selection; an explanation of how reaction time is a part of the validation process and how it can affect exit decision-making; at least three summary statements that compare your findings to the recommendations performed in the Unit III assignment; and an introduction, findings, and a summary.



Highlight the importance of these factors in your recommendations for your council to consider to reduce the risk of an incident of a large loss of life in an assembly occupancy in your jurisdiction. Your assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length. You may include sources from your required reading or any other supporting references. Your assignment, which includes citing outside sources, must follow APA style.


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