Entering Midlife: Crisis, Turning Point, or Prime of Life?
Middle adulthood is a time of tremendous change.  For many of us, it marks the official end of our “young days” while for others, it brings a sense of accomplishment and new-found independence.  For this assignment, reflect on the multitude of changes that we experience during the midlife stage of development.  In addition, comment on the information from page 334 of your textbook.  Does this information coincide with the ideas of the “midlife transition” or the “midlife crisis”?  What other major changes do we experience in midlife, and how do we deal with those changes?
In your assignment, be sure to comment on the following:Physical developmentHealth considerationsSexuality (menopause, andropause)Cognitive developmentCreativity and learningStability and changeWork and relationships
Your assignment must be three- to four-pages in length (excluding title and reference pages).  Utilize the Ashford University Library to locate three scholarly sources that support your research on the changes experienced during midlife.  Your paper and all sources must be formatted and cited in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.   
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