You have to analyze the data in the document that i added to this post. 1. Abstract – Explain what the study is about. 3 paragraphs 2. Introduction – 5 bullet points on facts about the study and data 3. Purpose of the study and Hypothesis – 2 paragraphs 4. Methods – How many Participants, what types of materials were used, procedures. 5. Results – use numbers from the data at the bottom of the document thats attached to this, explain what they mean – 3 paragraphs 6. Discussion – was the hypothesis right? talk about what you learned from the data, conclude the data analysis – 2 paragraphs “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Order now and Get 10% Discount! Use Code “Newclient”The post psychology analyzing data appeared first on Psychology Homework.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”


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