Two page, double spaced.
You  must describe an everyday experience in your life,  and two of the following topics:  
The Brain and Nervous System   
Neurotransmitter, Neurons, and Drugs   
Somatosensory Systems  
For example, you could discuss how memory along with vision and perception relate to your attempt to
shop for your groceries (NOTE: you CANNOT use this example in your paper).
To complete this paper, you must first identify and describe the situation/experience that you chose towrite about.   Then, you must describe how the two topics that you chose work within that situation/experience.And finally, you must summarize the psychological components of both of the topics that you chose, specific to that situation (e.g. for the memory section in the previous example, you would describe the different types of memory that link to grocery shopping, then provide relevant information about memory and forgetting ).  In this final part, it is important that you describe and define in detail how the psychological terminology relates to the situation/experience that you chose.  These write-ups should be detailed enough for your reader to fully understand the situation/experience that you are describing AND to identify with certainty that you understand the psychological topics that you chose.
Your Grade Will Be Based On:
I. A clear description of the situation/behavior that was experienced/observed.
II. An accurate description of how the two topics that you chose to relate to the situation/experience  
III. A clear and accurate summation of the different components within the topics that you chose
IV. Proper grammar, creativity, and depth of coverage in the paper  
V. Properly formatted in-text citations and reference list (use APA Format)

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