1. Organizational AnalysisSelect an organization for a case study and organizational analysis. Use the “Fourteen Forces of Magnetism*” as a guide to assess the organization. In a 1200 – 1550 word paper using APA format version 6, determine if the organization has structures in place to for recruitment, retention, and support of a qualified workforce and to support the professional practice of nursing.14-Forces of Magnetism:1. Transformational LeadershipQuality of Nursing Leadership (Force #1)Management Style (Force #3)2. Structural EmpowermentOrganizational Structure (Force #2)Personnel Policies and Programs (Force #4)Community and the Healthcare Organization (Force #10)Image of Nursing (Force #12)Professional Development (Force #14)3. Exemplary Professional PracticeProfessional Models of Care (Force #5)Consultation and Resources (Force #8)Autonomy (Force #9)Nurses as Teachers (Force #11)Interdisciplinary Relationships (Force #13)4. New Knowledge, Innovation, and ImprovementsQuality Improvement (Force #7)5. Empirical Quality ResultsQuality of Care (Force #6)
Content should:1. Provide an overview of the organization:LocationSizeAgeUnusual historyImage (in community)2. Describe the consistencies and the inconsistencies between the intent ofeach force of the fourteen forces of magnetism and the current state of theorganization.3. Synthesize the assessment to identified strengths and weaknessesSupport conclusions based on the analysis of the organizations position torecruit, retain, and support a qualified workforce and to support theprofessional practice of nursing.4. Minimum of 4 references


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