reflection paper(two pages)

Your essay will be graded on three components:

  1. Quality of writing:
    1. Opening paragraph with thesis statement, supporting paragraph(s), closing paragraph.
    2. Correct grammar
    3. Correct spelling
  2. Quality of argument:
    1. Logical flow from beginning to end of essay
    2. Your supporting paragraph(s) are consistent with your thesis statement
    3. Your argument actually answers the question
    4. Your argument is logically sound
  3. References course material
    1. Specific references to course materials such as textbook references, class discussion references.
    2. Please make it easy for me by signaling that you’re referencing the material (e.g., As Gallagher argues…”).

1. the story about Amazon buying Whole Foods(one page)
2. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned so far in this class. In your reflection, please includes the textbook readings, the story about biomechatronics devices controlled by the human brain, social media progress, and team presentation. (one page)
Team presentation: Linked In, Twitter, Podcast, Google Sites and blogger.


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