quot an island versus a continent quot 1

week 5 foundation of public healthJune 3, 2021

“An Island Versus a Continent” Please respond to the following: PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEK’S WEBTEXT (NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!) in your response.
Review the material from Section 3 of this week’s Webtext about, becoming independent: the rebellion against Britain, read the webtext chapter; then read the Declaration of Independence. https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration… Using the Webtext, (Be sure to provide specific evidence from the textbook readings for this week for your response MINIMUM GUIDELINE OF 150 WORDS). Be sure to make a substantive comment to at least one of your classmate’s posts (MINIMUM GUIDELINE OF 100 WORDS)

Identify three (3) motivating factors for the colonists that helped to ignite the American Revolution; why did you choose these three?
List three (3) grievances the colonists listed in the Declaration of Independence? (Use evidence in your response making reference to the Week 4 course materials.)
If you were involved in the American Revolution which side would you choose (hint: Don’t make a knee jerk reaction: were there more Revolutionaries than Loyalists)?


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