quot is justified true belief knowledge quot write a 1 page essay that accomplishes the following

The first draft of the Gettier essay (“Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?”) Write a 1 page essay that accomplishes the following:
1. Summarize the essay clearly identifying the conclusion and the premises.
2. Provide “Gettier” counterexample(s) (conjunctive and disjunctive).
This means that you have to construct an argument that has a false premise and a true conclusion. This argument is valid. However, it’s not sound. “Knowledge” is derived from arguments that are valid and sound.

Gettier Help.pdf

If you fail to use proper english grammar or if you fail to write a properly throughout essay I will not accept the work and request a refund so please make sure you give me a proper essay and follow the instructions absolutely carefully and use university level grammar and english.

Make sure to thoroughly read the attached files to complete the assignment.
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