Read a published, full-length nonfiction book that chronicles a person’s experience with a psychological disorder discussed in this course. (The book I chose is Girl, Interrupted)For this assignment, you will summarize:· the author’s descriiption of their symptoms· the etiology of the disorder(s)· the course of the disorder(s) any treatments detailed and their effectiveness.You will then analyze and critique how well the author’s conceptualization matches with a biopsychosocial conceptualization of the manifestation, development, maintenance, and treatment of the disorder based on your own understanding informed by our textbook and class activities. This assignment will be broken up into 3 components.Your paper should include:· a title· an introductory paragraph (with thesis statement),· specific connections to the textbook and learning activities in class. Text material should be cited or referenced to show that you have integrated material across sources.· a meaningful conclusion.The text of your essay should be no more than 5 double spaced typed pages with 12-point font with one-inch margins and the ideas should be expressed in your own words.The book for “Girl, Interrupted” can be found on sparknotes or any book summary site. I attached the full pdf textbook of the textbook we used in class, below.

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