1. Describe the usage of APA citation with sources (in-text citations, references, proper signal phrases).
2. Describe formatting (remember, our formatting differs slightly from a typical APA formatted paper/essay/project). Think about the way this information is styled and presented (For example: why use sections, headings, and subheadings? Why no abstract?). Whatâ€s important to remember as you are working on your own rough drafts that might be highlighted here? This student sample is a template for you to use when you write your own reports, so noticing its formatting is key for success (so your report should look like this report, from the cover page to the references).
3. Note anything that you think is genre specific that you noticed while reading the draft (so what makes this a report and not an argumentative essay or a regular research paper… for example: for starters, there is no thesis statement!).
4. Look to the Intro, Findings, and Conclusion. Is each section accomplishing what it should (look to the prompt for reminders of what each section should be DOING)? What’s working well? Where could information be streamlined? Is more/less content needed? If so, where? Explain.
5. Analysis… locate two of solid examples of source interpretation (where you can see the writer is interpreting source material and not just summarizing it). Name the paragraphs and describe what makes them effective.
6. What is most effective about this report? List 3 areas that you would tell this student to revise and explain why.
7. Looking at the grading rubric for this assignment, what grade do you think this report earned? Offer a letter grade and a brief explanation.

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