Question 1 : Which specific type of injuries is the focus of Jane E. Brodyâ€s “For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point”?
Question 2 : What is one of the reasons Jeb Golinkin gives in “Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports” for why kids should play sports?
Question 3 : What is one of the groups targeted for criticism by Kent Sepkowitz in “Itâ€s Time to Quit Ignoring Sports Head Traumaâ€s Very Real Dangers”?
Question 4 : What is one of the specific dangers associated with boxing that John Hardy describes in “Ban Boxing—Itâ€s Demeaning and Dangerous”?
Question 5 : What is one of the specific categories of drugs discussed in “The Dangers of Doping” by the Public Broadcasting Service”?
Question 6 : What is one of the biggest changes in youth sports in recent years, according to “The Dangers of Sports Specialization” by the Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists?
Question 7 : What is one of the particular issues regarding concussions that Andrew M. Blecher discusses in “The NFL Concussion Crisis & The Doctor-Patient Relationship”?

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