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You writing a reflection paper. This will consist of a 1-2 page paper, 12 times new roman, single space. that reviews your fitness throughout the semester and fitness goals for the future. This can include (but does not have to) one or a combination of any of the following elements:
Your cardio assessment results (beginning, mid and end of semester assessments).
Your progress throughout the semester (how you improved and plan to improve; your strengths).
How you fit fitness/walking/jogging into your schedule when you are really busy.
Obstacles to overcome when it comes to physical activity.
New activities, anything you may have tried this semester and you discovered you liked, peaked your interest or did not like.
How your awareness may have increased when it comes to certain health/fitness/running topics.
Fitness and wellness goals for the future – what will you do to keep fit???
A certain walking/running or fitness topic that you find very interesting.
Use the Doc(Log) provided when needed its the log for the set of things that has been done fit and food wise,

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