Now that you have completed your interview, submit a 2-3 page paper that reflectively analyzes the ecosystem of the person you interviewed. Connect relationships between system levels and make conclusions based on the interviewee’s patterns of behavior.
Here are my questions for the interview part one. I was thinking that you could be the person I am interviewing??

How many ecosystems can you say you have been part of?
Out of these which has been your most influential?
Please give me an overview of your current ecosystem
What have been the most significant moments in your timeline, within the different ecosystems you have been a part of, that have shaped you and led to the person you are now?
Tell me about your nuclear and extended family, what kind of relationship exists between you guys? How did your parents meet? What was your upbringing and childhood like?
Do you have any health issues in your family? Are you suffering from any and if so, how has it affected your interactions with your ecosystem?
What are you currently pursuing and what is your line of work? Did you study to be where you are? Is it something that you have always wanted to do?
Tell me about your friends, how often do you interact? Do you have a best friend?
What would you say are your important networks?
Do you belong to any social groups?
What part of your ecosystem are you not happy about now and would like to change?

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