Certain classes may have specific requirements for attaining their skills, such as theswashbuckler having a sword for certain abilities; swashbucklers may not have magic, where warriors may.

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—— 从1到10★★★★☆
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ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG where you can choose to fight, explore, or combat using devastatingly strong magic and high quality gear. Play your way through the Lands Between by spending time and increasing your vitality. Create a character using your imagination and abilities, and use this character to make your own story. You can freely choose your races and classes, and customise your equipment, weapons, and armor to create your own style of play.
The world of ELDEN RING is connected. As you progress, the world of ELDEN RING continues to expand, so you can be immersed in an exciting story. In addition to your party, monsters and other characters who help you along the way appear from time to time, making this world unique.
Using familiar elements of RPGs, you can combine characteristics to create new classes and types of character. With the unique element that allows you to switch from real to original, you can modify the equipment, weapons, and your own attributes to evolve into your preferred character.
To create a better environment, even the distribution of maps is made procedurally, and you can freely customize your environment. By properly managing the characteristics of the various elements, you can arrange your own objective.
PLANET SHOOTER. TOWN SHOOTER. WATER SHOOTER. SUPER MARIO SHOOTER. The environments of ELDEN RING are extremely diverse, giving a refreshing sense of freedom and creating a dynamic story. These environments are made to be visually pleasing, and the overall performance, graphics, and music are of a high quality.
Using dynamic lighting effects, smooth animations, and expressions of a variety of monsters, players, and NPCs, ELDEN RING is a game that gives you an overwhelming sense of reality.
Vivid music and powerful sound effects. ELDEN RING is a game with a clear sound design. A variety of sounds, such as typical RPG elements and deep fighting elements, add depth to the gaming experience.
ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG where you can choose to fight, explore, or combat using devastatingly strong magic and high quality gear. Play your way through the Lands Between by spending time and increasing your vitality

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Is there a reason why Ruby has no classes like C# or Java?
I’m a beginner ruby programmer so this could be a silly question. However, I’m wondering if there is any reason that Ruby doesn’t have classes?I am accustomed to C# and Java and I like the way they do things. That being said, does Ruby have to do things a slightly different way because it’s not a static language?
Ruby has classes, they are just called classes.Classes in Ruby are objects like everything else in the language.Classes in Ruby also have methods. So classes can behave likeother objects.Ruby also has modules, which are code blocks. And modules alsohave methods.Ruby does not have a language called “classes”. Classes are justobjects that have methods.Ruby’s dynamic typing means you can name a method whatever youlike. In C# and Java, you need to be explicit about a method’sreturn type and argument type to tell the compiler what it willdo. However, this type of type-checking is not a property ofclasses, modules, classes, or even the language itself.Ruby has a built-in syntactic sugar for defining classes calleddef.Ruby does not have a compiler like C# or Java have.Ruby is not a static language.
So no, there isn’t a good reason. 🙂
It has objects with methods, so it has classes. There are no classes in Ruby.A class in Ruby is defined as a collection of methods. Ruby doesn’t have types or static semantics so a method is just what a method is. The method is just the function. Classes in Ruby are just objects with methods (like C# and Java classes). You can think of them as an object which contains one or more methods – in fact, the methods are defined on the class. But as the above answers show, you can have methods in objects without classes. You can call it “class-like” if you want, but it is simply an object with methods.I’ve heard arguments that class structure in Ruby are problematic, but since Ruby has the keyword module, you could try to emulate classes with modules. A class definition is similar to a module definition. You can also use composition as another option, as the relationship of one object to a class is the same as one object
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