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Instructions for long paper
Each person is individually responsible for writing a formal 5 page paper on a topic involving world politics. It can involve any topic, including one that might relate to your major, so long as it is tied to world politics. The exception to this is that it cannot primarily involve the United States. If your topic is about another country but the US is peripherally involved, fine, but the US cannot be the focus.
The paper must use a minimum of five sources which can be web or newspaper sources or scholarly sources. Wikipedia, and are not considered as sources-you can use them but will not receive credit for them. If you use them you must cite them too.
Scholarly source include journal articles found through JSTOR, Google Scholar or books. If you need help in finding sources, please contact me. Simple web sources are typically not “scholarly” sources unless they are written by someone in academia or in government. You can use any combination of web, newspaper or scholarly sources, but better writing will include things not just from the web and will probably score higher. You can, of course, use more than five sources if you want to or feel you need to.
The paper should look at the topic and answer the following questions in an essay, rather than bullet point or numbered format. Use your outside sources to help to understand the issue more, to provide data, to give you a background or to give more details on the arguments.
What is the problem discussed?
Why is it a problem? Is it more specific to region or generally a worldwide problem?
What course theme does it fit-does it help to explain one of the themes like dpt, interdependence, diplomacy, whatever?
What efforts are being made to correct, control or fix this problem?
How does this problem affect relations between or among countries? Try to think one of the themes we have talked about in class such as democratic peace theory, just war, interdependence, anarchy, security dilemma or something
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