Prepare a summary of Week 2 through 9 Cincinnati Seasonings learning as an approximately ten-page paper. The paper must be in APA format with a References page and in-text citations. The paper should follow this outline:
I. Introduction
A. Overview of Cincinnati Seasonings
B. The initial supply chain scenario
II. Accomplishments
A. What went well
B. How could you have improved
III. Comparison
A. Week 2 compared to Week 9
B. What if (select one of the items below and run the simulation to report on the outcome):  

What would happen if you began using larger trucks that had higher operating costs per kilometer but could also carry twice as much cargo?
The Cincinnati factory is located on rail lines; what would happen if you located the warehouses so that they were also located near rail lines? Could you lower transport costs?
Would it make sense to use air transportation to move products in this supply chain?
Is it better to expand the existing factory to support demand from the new stores or better to keep existing factory as is and build a new factory closer to the new stores?

IV. Conclusion
A. If you were to do the simulation series over, what would you have done differently?
B. Recommendation: How could this learning experience be improved?
Make sure to include References! I also suggest you view the rubric before submitting and make sure you have included all of the items against which I will be grading! 


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