supposed to do an appraisal of a research study, i attached the actual questions i need answered and a copy of the article
What type of sampling strategy was used? Did they clearly describe the way they obtained (recruited) the sample?
B. Is the sampling design one that is likely to produce a representative sample?
C.What were the inclusion/exclusion criteria if specified?
D.Did the researchers do a power analysis? If so, how many subjects were required and did the researchers obtain the correct number?
E.If a power analysis was not done, given the type of design and number of variables, was the number of subjects sufficient?
F.If a questionnaire was sent to subjects to fill out, did the researchers indicate the response rate? How does the rate affect the findings?
G. What are the characteristics of the sample group that was used in the study?
H.To what population may the findings be generalized?
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