Countries may formulate their foreign policies based on what they consider to be their key development priorities, their resource availability and economic positioning or “strength”.
You will select any one country from either an emerging or less developed country, analyze its current development status and discuss what foreign policy approach- the use of hard OR soft power OR both- it is using to realize its development objectives. Has this approach been successful?
Project Format /InstructionsYour type-written assignment should:1.Not exceed 5 pages (exclusive of cover page & bibliography),2.Be single-spaced,3.Use Times New Roman font, 12 point, MS Word format.4.Paragraphs must be justified and pages numbered.5.No pdf documents.6.Each cover page will contain the Assignment, country selected, Course Section and student ID #.7.Proper citation is required.8.Bibliography using the APA format Guidelines For Research 
In researching your project, consider but do not limit yourself to the following. They are to be used as guides only. Please do not answer questions these as your research paper!! 1.How do you define development?2.Is the country’s geographic location of strategic importance?3.What is the overall ideology of the government?4.What is the long term objective of the country?5.Economic (GDP, major sectors, Balance of trade, economic policies, trade agreements/trading partners, technological)6.Diplomatic agenda/policies in relation to these challenges.7.Have regional/international organizations facilitated its overall objectives?8.Is it investment friendly?9.Does it possess natural resources? Financial strength? Technological capacity? Human expertise? 
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