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please respond to the 2 people with 200 words for each response

Supplementary aid–Speech to text or another form of dictation or even recording themselves first to then transcribe. Could also allow a word web or other brainstorming first with child with a reading teacher.
Second, highlite or write down words that are not understood by the student. Make their own dictionary to have with the word and a picture representing the word along with their written definition. You can also have a reading or regular education teacher do a story or vocabulary walk with the student before reading for decoding and comprehension. They can talk about the main ideas and points, introduce and look up new vocabulary and give the student ideas to think about or keep in mind before doing the reading.


In the present levels, I include the date the assessment took place, information regarding the assessment, how the student performed and what grade level expectations are. I would include reading data (STAR, DIBELS, MAZE, BRI), specifically basic reading and comprehension as well as writing data. I would also have the student complete a three-minute write, for writing data.
Samantha is reading at the first-grade level; therefore, I would work with her daily on decoding skills and have her practice vowel combinations. I would have her attend daily reading groups and use the SRA corrective reading curriculum. At the beginning of each lesson there is a decoding exercise. I would also instruct her to read the passage and answer comprehension questions. To help with thoughts on paper I would try a graphic organizer, speech to text, scribing to get her ideas down and maybe typing to see if the physical act of writing is slowing her down. Maybe she needs an OT eval?

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