Identify another student whose essay has not yet been peer-reviewed. Read the essay and respond to the writer, with answers to the following questions (adapted from Greene & Lidinsky):

What is the writer’s thesis?
How does the writer establish the conversation–identify a gap in people’s knowledge, attempt to modify an existing argument, or try to correct some misunderstanding?
How effectively does the writer distinguish between his or her ideas and the ideas he or she summarizes, paraphrases, or quotes?
To what extent are you persuaded by the writer’s argument? Why?
To what extent does the writer anticipate possible counterarguments?
Can you follow the essay’s organization easily? If so, point to transitions/transitional phrases that help? If not, suggest them.
What do you think is working best? Explain by pointing to specific passages in the writer’s draft.
What do you recommend the writer work further on, and why?

Note: you will need at least 300 words to response appropriately and substantively.The post reviewed-the-essay-300-words-or-more first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.


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