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someone did research for me but didn’t qualify for my requirement .she didn’t even use paraphrase ,i need five sources to support my body paragraphs .i need someone to fix my research paper ,add five more credible source to supprt what i have done that’s all

Write a research essay connected with HarukiMurakami using at least five credible secondary sources

Purpose: To prove your thesis with well-supported evidence and analysis based on HarukiMurakamiusing
Due Dates:

Requirements:1,250-1,700 wds, a double-spaced typed page, and outside research of fivecredible sources. Two of the sources need to be other than a regular website page (e.g., online periodical, book, journal, newspaper, magazine). is not considered a regular website. A regular website would be
Topic: Develop a solid and strong thesis in relation to a short story or combination of many from Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes. Use analysis and sources to support your thesis. Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes short story include “sleep” “the little green monster ” ” the the wind up bird and tuesdays woman”
Introduction Paragraph- last sentence needs to have the thesis (4-6 sents.)
Body Paragraphs (4-10 sents.)
Conclusion Paragraph-wrap up and push to a new direction. Do not summarize the essay. (3-5 sents.)
**Pay attention to your topic sentences. A topic sentences states the main idea in each paragraph using your own words and ideas.
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