I would like you to write a survey paper for at least 5-6 pages without references page, using IEEE standard. The paper is more focused on these sections which I suggested them:1. History or Background.
2. Protein Structure and Protein Sequence of the virus.
3. How does it mutate over time?
4. Map of spreading over time.
5. Recent status (virus, location …)
Highlighting the important information in the paper would help me make a quick and fast presentation preparation for this paper. If you have any important additional information you see it should be covered, you may include it, such as: what is the closest virus structure to RVF?, or what its ancestor’s structure look like?, any algorithms have been applied to RVF? … etc.
The survey paper is about bioinformatics theme field of study. Therefore, trying to use the suggested sections above with some or all of the questions about bioinformatics would make it much stronger.


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