I am writing a science abstract. I attached the directions file. Please revise.
In many public cities, outbreaks of swarming ants raid kitchens, devouring food and devastating people’s stores. If they only store food that ants don’t eat or dislike, ants will steer clear of their homes. But which foods do ants stay away from? This project will use experiments and research to determine which foods deter these armies. If this question was answered, people could instead eat and store foods that ants disliked. The project investigates whether ants prefer and dislike meat, vegetables, or other foods and ingredients. My hypothesis was that ants would prefer meat over vegetables. In order to perform the experiment, several Carpenter ants were used, a common household ant, different types of food, including meat, vegetables, and other ingredients, and a glass bowl. The ants will be inside the bowl and different foods will be placed inside to see if it is interested. This will be repeated to insure accuracy and the results will be recorded. The experiment will be then shown on a poster board with the recorded information.


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