Scripting | Computer Science homework help

1. Script Requirements
This task requires you to create two scripts – one that can run in a Linux environment (BASH) and one that can run in a windows environment (Powershell). The tasks required in both scripts are the same. Scripts must adhere to good design practices and be well commented. Here is a summary of the tasks:
1. Design two Scripts which can be used to create an Inventory (details below) of hardware and software stored on computers in a business. 
2. The names of the Computers (to create the Inventory from), must be read in from a text file. 
3. The Inventory data must then be output to a text file, suitably formatted. 
4. Additional marks will be allocated to students who show independent learning for example outputting to Excel or Word files.
Required Inventory Data
Name of Computer
CPU: Number of cores, clock speed, manufacturer/description
RAM: Total amount. Number of sticks.
Disk Drives: All local disk drives 
Network Interfaces: IP address of each
Local Users: Username and description of each.
Operating System Version 
2. Technical Report 
Write a report detailing the work carried out. It should contain the following sections: 
Task List
Code with Explanation
Problems and Solutions
3. Submission Requirements
You should submit the following on the Repeat CA section on Moodle by the deadline:
1. Your report in PDF 
2. Your script(s) 
3. The documents produced by your script


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