Mr. Mudd did a great job describing economics and policy issues as they relate to Wind Energy. The bottom line is that although the economics are pretty good even without subsidies (wind is cheaper than new coal, but not quite as cheap as natural gas), there are still some arguments (beyond environmental) against wind power. David wrote a brief summary regarding some of the main points of controversy with wind energy (in addition to environmental issues). The list typically includes high costs, too much government support (regulations or financing), and unreliability of power generation. To be sure, wind power is not perfect.For your reflection, read David’s summary of wind(listed in the additional readings) and then do the following:Select one of these common arguments against wind from David’s summary of wind (high cost, need for government support, or unreliability): Need for government support or subsidies Within your topic, summarize both sides of the argument from David’s summary (and other sources), and then look online for different viewpoints. Tell us why each side thinks wind will or won’t be a viable energy source using sufficient detail and at least 2 sources (provide title and URL of your sources). You can use information from the optional readings. Target: 250 words.


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