Selecting a Fair and Appropriate Test


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How to Cite Mental Measurements Yearbooks and Test Reviews.

Your third course assignment, Evaluation of Test Materials and Procedures, is due by the end of this unit. This assignment includes searching through reviews of your selected test in Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) database from Buros, publisher Web sites, and articles in peer-reviewed journals for information about the test’s item format, and fairness and appropriateness of test materials. You may find it helpful to include keyword searches in your reviews of documents for these topics; that is, conduct a search in your document for keywords such as format, fair, and appropriate.

For this discussion, however, you will only be required to provide your initial findings regarding any information about the fairness or appropriateness of your selected test. This content may include information you discovered about possible modifications, accommodations, alternate formats, language formats or considerations, et cetera. You are not required to report on all these elements but just on any element that you can identify in your research on your selected test. Many times, you may find this information in one or more review in the MMY.

Include any difficulties you may be experiencing with searching for information in Mental Measurements Yearbook from Buros (available from the Capella Library’s Databases A–Z page), publisher Web sites, or peer- reviewed journal articles regarding this content.

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