Sequence diagram, system architecture, and user interface design

Sequence Diagram, System Architecture, and User Interface Design
After reviewing the concepts of advanced software engineering in the previous assignment, your task is to design the three-tier client-server and distributed architecture model. You also need to design the interactive workflow diagrams (called sequence diagrams) for each activity associated with Phase 2 class diagrams. In this next phase, you also need to design the user interfaces for the proposed project. Use MS-Word to add those individual files in the document by taking screenshots or submit individual files. You must use MS-Visio for this assignment.
In this phase, you will need to develop the following diagram associated with the project introduced in Phase 1:

Sequence diagram for each entity, also called interactive workflows.
Develop the following system architecture:

Three-tier client-server architecture
Distributed component architecture

User interface design as a part of System of Systems engineering process.

Your assignment must follow these requirements:

Include charts or diagrams created in MS-Project. The completed diagrams / charts must be imported into the Word document before the document is submitted.
Create a cover page.


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