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Discussion 1.
The authors of your textbook make the point that social problems are manifested at “multiple, interrelated levels of social life.” What do they mean by this? How does the epidemic of obesity illustrate this point?
http://www.asanet.orgThe official site of the American Sociological Association offers press releases and other information of value to students of social problems. for the Study of Social Problems site of SSSP (Society for the Study of Social Problems). Gives access to the SSSP Newsletter and provides links to other sites for those interested in social problems. guide to sociology sites on the Internet, including links to many useful sites dealing with social problems.
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Discussion 2
Identify the drug you feel creates the greatest social problem in the United States.Explain what makes this drug such a damaging narcotic. If you were a government official creating public policy, how would you propose curbing or controlling this substance?

Source: Some Speculations on U.S. Drug Use.

Alcohol and other drugs .pdf

Discussion 3.
Should same-sex marriage be legal? Why might attitudes in the United States be changing about same-sex marriage? What socio-cultural factors could be contributing to the change in attitudes?
Source: Legal Marriage

APA format and cite references correctly
2-3 single pages
extremely well-written containing relevant information regarding the topic.The response includes detail and incorporates examples that accurately reflect the concept being discussed.Correct grammar and punctuation is utilized.uses external sources in addition to the course textbook.
Textbook: Lauer & Lauer, Social Problems and the Quality of Life, Fourteenth Edition. McGraw Hill Publishing. ISBN# 978-1-259-91430-0
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