Write the expression for K in terms of the solubility, s, for each salt, when dissolved in water. lead sulfide, silver phosphateSeptember 20, 2021

Research the prices of two commonly-purchased products, gasoline and milk. Survey at least 2 different places that offer the products, recording  price, diversity of the product (types of milk: soy, organic, 2% etc.) and any other pertinent information. The place where you purchase your gasoline can be one location, but be sure to note the store, street, and city for all of your entries.
After you have posted your work, review what other students have posted.  Do a preliminary analysis using your information and the information of at least five others.  You will respond to the following questions and post these in the same discussion forum:
How large a variation in price was there for each product? What explanations can be offered for the differences? Do the differences in price appear to have a difference in the number of people purchasing the product from any particular supplier? Are there differences based on the locations of the stores (neighborhood, urban, suburban), the socioeconomic background of the area the store is in? Add any descriptive information that is pertinent.

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