the SOP must include a cover memorandum (in the form of an executive summary) that addresses the following:

A brief summary of the content
A dissemination plan
A training plan
An inspection and a review plan
All the documents must be in Microsoft Word format
Sources documented in APA style
All writing must be original. You are encouraged to look at other general orders and standard operating procedures. This can include existing real-world documents as well as model policies such as those developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and similar state associations. However, documents turned in by students in this class must be original.

This should be the same as what you would find in a General Order Manual, as such it should:

Be concise and to the point, condensing relevant information into a 3-5 page document. (3-page minimum)
Use relevant sources based upon the topic you choose. Typically, 3-5 sources such as working manuals, case studies, model and real-world policies, and peer reviewed articles but, is not limited to these sources. (3 source minimum one of which needs to be a peer reviewed article, resources available thought the Stafford library online)


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