So, although you’ve done almost a perfect job on all my previous assignments, this is different as you know. Somethings to clarify in advance, just so we’re on the same page…

1. Don’t do all assignments at once; because this course is a semester long
Meaning I SHOULD be done with units based on the due dates, moreover all the details are provided on the course homepage, but if you DO have any concerns and/or particular questions as to how you should proceed with certain assignments and/or courses, please do let me know, if I don’t respond immediately here, e-mail me

2. This is “American” Spanish (Not sure where you hail from exactly, but this is important as you know, the languages differ in some terms)

[email protected]

Once again
username: kanonjihayley
password: foreverloved12

Thank you so very much! I really appreciate it.

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