Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Brain Mapping. The biological basis of thought has often been a source of interest to scientists for a long time. Years of research through noninvasive technology has led to some understanding of the anatomy of behavior and thought. This has been possible by brain mapping, a useful tool to gain an understanding of the functional, genetic, and various other molecular aspects of the brain. Advances in brain mapping have contributed to the understanding of several psychological, surgical, and anatomical problems in the brain, thus providing clues for improved management and prediction of treatment outcomes. Brain mapping has been possible through advances in neuroimaging and also automation. Functional magnetic resonance imaging, recent technology in magnetic resonance imaging has been an immense tool in understanding the functional areas of the brain. For example, researchers are now able to see which brain areas are altered during the performance of certain movements. Based on such information, it has been possible to divide the brain functionally and also understand how different areas of the brain work in conjunction during day-to-day activities (Jones and Overly, 2010). In this essay, brain mapping, methods used for brain mapping, and the benefits of brain mapping will be discussed.
Brain mapping may be defined as a set of techniques related to neuroscience that map the biological properties and quantities onto spatial representations of the brain of the concerned mammal resulting in maps that are easily visualized and understood. Any technology in neuroimaging is actually a part of brain mapping, although brain mapping is considered to be a higher form of neuroimaging that produces brain images supplemented by additional non-imaging or imaging data analysis, processing or both, like projecting of maps into the analysis of behavior with respect to regions in the brain.&nbsp. It is very important to understand the biological basis of diseases so that appropriate treatment can be based on that. In many diseases, genes have been attributed to the molecular basis of disease because they are the main instruction providers for the cellular molecular machinery. In fact, several genes have been identified for one single disease like&nbsp. 600 for multiple sclerosis (Jones and Overly, 2010).
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