Questions And Answers 19537579February 14, 2021 By referring to the sustainability report of Qatar Chemical Company LTD (Q-Chem) for the year2019 (attached), you are required to summarize the company’s sustainability program in a short 4-page report)• The font size for the text must be 12 and 14 for titles and sub-titles using Times NewRoman).• The summarized report must be typed printed and uploaded to the blackboard either on orbefore the deadline.• The cover page MUST include your full name and ID.• Both the cover page and the contents’ page as well as appendices are not counted as partof the 4 pages stated above.Your summarized report should address the following:• Identify and explain the applicable dimensions (Economic and Environmental/Social) ofsustainability• Identify and explain the impact of applicable stakeholders (e.g. Government, nongovernmental organizations,etc.) on sustainability• Discuss the implications of sustainability on business• What are your recommendations to the company to improve its sustainability’s program?Discuss and justify your answerSample SolutionThe post Sustainability Knowledge in Business appeared first on nursing writers. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Sustainability Knowledge in Business first appeared on nursing writers. “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”


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