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Review the following scenario:

You work in the human resource department of an electric power company in the southwestern region of the U.S. The company was founded in 1940. It has an excellent reputation as a provider of electricity, an outstanding corporate citizen, and an excellent place to work. It has been ranked among the top three employers in the community for several years.The company’s mission is to serve the customer’s needs for the electric power in ways that provide exceptional value to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which it operates.Its values include providing a safe work environment; ensuring fairness and respect for the customers, employees, shareholders, and partners; honoring commitments to use resources wisely; providing a high quality of work life for its employees; striving for excellence; and having fun.Given its long history, many of the company’s current employees are children and, in some cases, grandchildren of former employees. Thus, there are close family ties to the company as well as a sense of loyalty.However, over the years, technological advancements in the power generation business have resulted in jobs being either redesigned or eliminated. For example, in the past, the company had many employees who read meters that showed the amount of electricity used by households. The meter readers traveled from house to house each month to log the information for billing purposes. Now, the meters are read automatically and data are transferred to the billing department via computer. This technological advancement has eliminated the need for many employees who were required to resign, be laid off, or be retrained for other positions in the company.The company faces a challenge as it strives to maintain its reputation as an excellent employer in the community and yet leverage advances in technology to help it increase efficiency and remain competitive.

On the basis of the scenario, respond to the following:

Identify the gaps in the organization’s current talent. Make sure you identify the gaps in depth and breadth of the current talent.
Propose and describe two to three recruitment or placement strategies that would help mitigate those gaps. Make sure you justify your ideas with scholarly research.
Develop a plan to counsel out or otherwise redirect the individuals whose current jobs are being eliminated.

Post your response in a minimum of 300 words. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.
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