• An important decision.• Teacher experiences—When did a teacher help you? hinder you?• Pass/fail versus the A‑F grading system.• Distinguishing feature—Write about one thing that most distinguishes you.• What other people notice—What do you think other people notice about you most?• Best feature/worst feature—What is yours and explain why.• Friendship—What traits do you look for in a friend?• Multiculturalism—What are the advantages of living in a multicultural society?• A description of an event, person, object, place.• An informal letter conveying a response to a significant incident.• A review of an article, play, opera, movie, concert.• A personal reaction to classroom activity, your classmates, or your teacher.• Suggestions for improving an English 101 syllabus.• An exploration of a concept or a theory.• A response to a journal entry you wrote in the past.• A vocabulary list: words you have discovered in your reading that you feel are worth learning—accompaniedby dictionary definitions and original sentences using the words.
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