From a technology entrepreneurial perspective, the dangers of having exclusive focus on the product or service without due consideration to whether it sincerely addresses a real market or public concern raises numerous ethical issues. Address the following questions:
With the development of several COVID-19 smartphone applications used for tracking COVID affected people and virus heighten areas,
· Is this a possible violation of personal safety?
· Should all personnel be required to download and use the COVID app for monitoring and tracking purposes?
· What are crucial areas of commercialization of the COVID-19 smartphone app? Do you agree with the medical and social safety of their importance and if so why do you agree or disagree that commercialization of innovation is important. 
· What are the external and internal environmental uncertainties?
· What is the risk profile associated with the smartphone tracking app?
· What other rewards besides financial and monetary gains can be obtained using this app?

5-7 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Include at least 5 online references to support your research. 
 Assignments will need actual references from EBSCO host, google scholar, and semantic scholar With a website link at the end.  Only use APA 7th edition. (There should be Abstract and conclusion) 


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