it is a summary repost and requirements are as follow:

You have to watch the video that is above and then summarize it :
This summary report assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore how the personal computing industry evolved from its humble beginnings into a disrupting technology that eventually changed how individuals and businesses work, socialize, collaborate, and communicate by eliminating the barriers of time and distance.
To complete this assignment, address the following critical elements in a written summary report:

Summarize the video overall in the form of an abstract statement
Describe the video’s main points (two to three paragraphs minimum)
Explain whether you agree or disagree with any of the points made and why (two paragraphs minimum)
Analyze the social or ethical issues involved from your vantage point
Finally, list 10 nuggets of information you found interesting or did not know

Submission Guidelines: Your summary report submission should be two to three pages in length, plus a title page. Resources outside of the assigned video are not required.
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