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The purpose of this assignment is to first become more familiar with the governmental agencies that oversee and regulate different aspects of the environment, biomedical research, public health and policy. Using inferential reasoning you must justify why it is logical for you to hold a position in a specific agency. This reflective exercise will enhance your comprehension of the departmentâ€s purpose and begin to illustrate the essential roles health care professionals play in the government.

Answer the following questions

What are the 3 branches of government?
Which branch does congress belong?
What are the two departments within congress?

What is the difference between the 2 in regard to the number of seats in each?

How are they decided?

Which does the cabinet belong?

What are the cabinet positions including cabinet level officials? List them all out.

Find 3 specific departments overseen by the United State Cabinet that would be involved with your subject. You could also choose NASA or the National Academy of Science.

Use the Appointing Yourself to a Position handout for directions

Make a hierarchy style chart using SmartArt in word that includes all of the cabinet positions and the 3 departments you potentially could be employed within. Use the link below for help

In 3-5 sentences thoughtfully and comprehensively

Give some background on each the 3 departments that you chose to work for in your own words
Why would these departments be involved in your assigned scenario and role?
Why is it logical for you to hold a positon in this department as a medical care provider, epidemiologist, scientist or public health educator?

Create a cohesive narrative that describes the sequence of the events that led to your cross-disciplinary collaboration and discoveries. This will be the same for each group.

Name your task force (everyoneâ€s name in their group will be the same)

I uploaded an example for you:

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