Final Project Preparation
Review the Final Project instructions in Week Five. Decide whether you will complete a research paper or a multimedia presentation. Select a topic for your Final Project from the options below, or focus on a topic of your own interest that has been cleared with the instructor.
Topic: The impact that science has played on religion, and vice versa
Then, do the following:
Justify your choice of topic and the way in which you will explore it (mediated presentation or paper) with regard to the course learning outcomes in an introductory paragraph.
Develop a working draft of your introduction that includes a thesis statement.
Compile an annotated bibliography of at least eight sources, five of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library, and one which is a recommended resource for this class. These sources can be journal articles, video sources, pieces of art, or other cultural works such as plays, literature, poems, or newspaper/magazine articles.
The paper must be at formatted according to APA style and include a title page. For information regarding writing a thesis statement, annotated bibliographies, and APA
I chose to write the paper instead of the presentation. I have also attached the week 5 instructions and the grading rubic for week 3 so that you don’t miss anything. Please deliver quality and non-plagiarized work. Thank you.


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