The Strategic Management Process Model in Practice: A Case-Study Approach to Evaluate Workforce Focus (Human Resource Focus) Component of Baldrige National Quality Criteria for Performance Excellence

Project Overview:
Exploring the Workforce (Human Resource) aspect of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
(Noe, page 31, table 1.9) will enable the learner to bridge the theoretical framework of the Strategic
Management Process (Noe, page 73, figure 2.2) with the practical applications within the workplace. In
this project students will review and analyze the Workforce/Human Resource component in one of the
select Baldrige National Quality Award application summary.
Purpose of the Project:
The key purpose is to assess how an award-winning entity uses the Strategic Management Process
model to prepare for the Baldrige Award application as the organization thrives for performance
Paper Outline:
Section I: Introduction
Please write your introduction focusing on the following key aspects:
1. Explore how the Strategic Management Process and Baldrige Criteria are connected. Use the
assigned textbook and Baldrige Criteria resources when appropriate.
2. Key components of Workforce/Human Resource Focus in the respective Baldrige Criteria
The Workforce focus asks questions to identify and assess the systems within the organization dedicated
to manage Workforce performance and Workforce development. In this section please provide your
commentary on how Baldrige helps the organizations develop:
a. The ability to assess Workforce/Human Resource capability and capacity needs and
b. The ability to build a Workforce/Human Resource environment conducive to high performance.
c. The ability to engage, manage, and develop the Workforce to utilize its full potential in alignment with
the organization’s overall mission, strategy, and action plans. You should elaborate on these three key
areas of Workforce focus.
3. How the Strategic Management Process model can be useful in linking theory with practice and
The Strategic Management Process model is based on formulating organizational business strategies,
which include: organizational mission, goals, internal and external assessments, strategic choices, and
human resource strategy. The organizational business strategies dictate the HR strategies – their
formulation, implementation, and evaluation.
The Workforce Focus of Baldrige Criteria highlights the key components of Workforce capability and
capacity needs, Workforce environment conductive of high performance, Workforce engagement,
Workforce management, and Workforce development. All of these key components of Baldrige are
direct applications of HR strategy development described in the Strategic Management Process model.
4. Practice to application: A case-study approach.
Organizations follow a clear path of operationalization. In this path, the organizations attempt to
‘demonstrate’ how they changed their practices to meet and exceed the criteria set forth by the
Baldrige. Discuss briefly the organization that you will analyze in this project.
4. How this paper will improve your Human Resources Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills.
Write what you expect to learn from this exercise.
Section II: Literature Review
Please write your discussion focusing on the following key aspects. Use them as sub-headings in writing
your literature review.
1. The Malcolm Baldrige Act
2. History of Baldrige award in healthcare
2. Strategic Management Process Model in details
4. Similarities between Strategic Management Process and Baldrige Criteria (how the theoretical
framework of the Strategic Management Process is used to develop the Criteria)
5. Organizational profile of your assigned organization from online sources, and from the Organizational
Profile section of the application summary.
You should write this section on your own based on textbook, resources provide on Moodle, and your
own internet research. Cite as appropriate.
Section III: Analysis of Application Summary: Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence
1. Organizational Profile: How HR fits into the organizational Profile
2. Leadership: Relationship between HR and Organization’s Leadership
Describe the organization’s leadership development system. Elaborate on how your assigned
organization intends to develop leadership from within. Elaborate on how the leaders align people with
processes and performance, how they address Workforce/Human Resource culture through improving
Workforce/Human Resource engagement, and so on.
3. Strategic Planning: What components of the Strategic Management Process model is reflected in the
organization’s strategic planning?
Discuss on their Workforce/Human Resource aspect in the strategic plan section. This will lead you to
the analysis/results section. For example, they focus on retention/turnover, etc. What they do to assess
and how they assess? If you conduct a search in the PDF with key words, for example, ‘Turnover’, you
would see that the organization analyzed the results in the results section. Benchmarking would be a
part of your discussion. Discuss how the Workforce aspects are incorporated in strategic planning.
4. Customer Focus: Role of HR in improving customer focus
Discuss how your assigned organization engages Workforce/Human Resource with the customer. What
they do to begin, build, and sustain customer relationships.
5. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management: Involvement of HR department, and
Workforce/Human Resource related measurements.
How does the organization measure what they are doing? What measures they chose for HR? Also, how
the organization engaged the entire Workforce/Human Resource in producing data and results for the
measurements (not only for the HR measures, but for the entire organization).
This discussion will have a lot of similarities with the results section.
7. Process Management: How the Workforce/Human Resource focus is reflected on Process
What is Enterprise Process Model? How Workforce/Human Resource and HR activities are incorporated
in the Process Management? For example, incorporation of Lean Six Sigma was an investment they
made in Workforce/Human Resource engagement in process design.
8. Results: Discuss Workforce/Human Resource outcomes
Discuss workforce related results and analysis to your best understanding.
Section IV: Conclusions
Write on how the theory as reflected by scholarly works in the textbooks and library resources can be
applied systematically to achieve higher level of recognition, and excellence in quality.


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