the value of qualitative research and ethical considerations, health and medicine homework help

Please answer each question with 300 words and within each paragraph in text citation within the last 5 years relevant to the topic.

What are some ethical issues to keep in mind when using Internet-based research? How can you address these issues? Are you going to make any edits to your literature review that you submitted earlier in this course now that you have learned more about Internet-based research? Why or why not? 250 words
Discuss the value of qualitative research and ethical considerations related to this type of research. 250 words
The implications of childhood leukemia are both frightening and daunting for the children and their families facing this health crisis. Read the following article about umbilical cord blood stem cells and their use in treatment of childhood leukemia. Identify the potential impact on leukemia outcomes in children of non-white ethnicity because non-white ethnicities bank cord blood proportionally less than whites, and discuss the implications this can have for adequately treating childhood leukemia in non-white children. 300 words
Your patient has just undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) and has been recovering under your care. The patient has a history of thromboembolic disease and was on Coumadin but stopped it prior to the surgery. PT and APTT levels were within normal limits before surgery and so the surgery was performed. Postoperatively, the patient shows instability on the ECG and appears extremely anxious. Oxygen levels are dropping. Using your understanding of postoperative complications following a CABG, what do you suspect could be happening, and what are your interventions? 300 words


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