Your fully developed final proposal for a criminal justice program is based on your Stage Papers 1 through 6 and will contain all stages of development that you created in these papers. However, the paper is not a mere restatement of the previous stage papers. Think of this as a formal proposal that you are submitting for approval, incorporating any feedback given and removing any redundancies. Items should be included in one section only, even though they may have been discussed at multiple stages.

Use headings similar to those used at the various stages (removing any redundancies).

Formatting Reminders:

Considering the recommendations form stage papers in the first seven weeks
The final proposal should be approximately 35 pages, excluding cover and reference pages
Forms and charts can be submitted in an appendix and should be referenced by appendix number in the paper
MS Word
12-point font.
Use APA style for your citations, including a proper citation for all sources used


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